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Discussion in 'The Deli' started by DMICS, Oct 24, 2016.

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    All I can say about Brad (BP LISTINING) is that he's a hustler. He'll ask for his fee upfront and then charge extra for everything like oral. He told me he only did certain things in appointments 2 hours or more. Never hired him afterwards even though he definitely looks like his pictures.
    The other Brad is legitimate but according to his profile has a lot of restrictions so I never hired.
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    How do you know the second Brad is legit?

    I contacted him, he's pretty much into being serviced lightly but that's about it.
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    The first Brad has been dancing at Remington's for years. Although the pics are definitely him (he's always in top shape), he's got a bad rep there for his lap dances. Never hired him for escorting services. There's no way he's 26, unless he started working at Remington's when he was 14. He's also a lot shorter than 5'10". More like 5'7". Perhaps 5'8".

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    Thanks for the intel, appreciated!
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    I second the review on Brad no1. Didn't hear good reviews of him when he danced at Remys.
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    From first-hand experience > BEWARE this total hustler! He no longer works at Remingtons...earned a well-deserved reputation among regular customers as a rip-off artist in his back-room lap dances > promising customers the moon and then delivering very little, unless you purchased dances at $40 per song/double-price with a minimum number of dances required > once you had already paid to go to the back room with him.
    He is likely still in great shape, BUT his "recent" ad posting photos were all snapped almost 2 years ago now for an early May/2015 bodybuilding show. ASK FOR ACTUAL RECENT PHOTOS BEFORE BOOKING! AND BE VERY VERY CLEAR ABOUT YOUR SPECIFIC EXPECTATIONS AND HIS SPECIFIC FEES FOR THOSE REQUIRED SERVICES!
    Also be aware that other "private show" clients were taken by surprise that he did not specify before meeting that he wears a condom when being blown > another "extra charge" if you're not turned on by tasting a mouthful of rubber latex in return for a minimum "basic service" STEEP $300 private show fee!