2015 Dominican Republic Santo Domingo Diary

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    Good day Gents,
    I am a British 50 yrs. old that has travelled to Santo Domingo since 1997 (feel in love with the guys looks, cant lie).
    I have tried to visit at least 2 times per year, some times I have managed 4 a year.
    Last Visit July 10-17th 2015. due to a injury I had not been 1n 18 months previously.

    So back track, 18 months ago, I enjoyed some company with a couple of local pay4play, but on leaving i thought, well I had a good time with friends I have met (Dominicans) good seeing them, on the Boy front, I thought, used to be better, not less boys but the quality seemed to have gone down.mostly white and between 25-40, not looking good, looked like anybody you can find in new York, London or Milan...not what I travel to the Caribbean for.
    Okay maybe its my taste as I said (not less boys) but less black boys, those shinny, muscular, hard bodied, smooth black boys with model looks, they had vanished apart from 2, (which I enjoyed)

    Fast Track this July, 2015........plenty of boys, malato, Moreno, white and some seriously my type black boys, and at all times of the day, they were everywhere. One in particular JOSE, 6ft 2, athletic, hairless smooth, Gucchi looks, perfect smile, well groomed and dressed to impress. walks the El Conde with a beautiful girl, as if he is straight and not in the (game) but he notices us and moves in for the kill away from the café. usual others all hang around at the beginning of the 'Conde". first time I saw him, he was walking hand in hand with the girl, as he walked passed I tried sneaking a sly look, he is that phyne, his eyes caught mine, I thought 'Oh Shit' he knows, he seemed to walk past looking angry, anyway walk on he did hand in hand. But he was so phyne I wanted to just see him again. at this point I was half way down the 'Conde' I took a seat, smoked about 4 cigarettes, I was sitting there trying to rewind my memory to how he looked, and thinking to myself, why cant someone that looked like that be down for it, down4pay, down4play, but down for it...dammm why the very best are untouchable?............15 minutes past and I saw him and her heading back down , I had already reckoned 15 minutes earlier, 'What goes up must come down' especially in the El Conde. walking slowly, laughing and hugging with his girl, they slowly reached my position, he looked at me, looked away and then they both sat down on the same bench as mine, I couldn't breathe, I was fighting not to stare, look or just run away....dammm, why he have to sit next to me. after about 1 minute he turned towards me and spoke in Spanish, asking me to take their picture, I agreed with trembling hands as his fingers brushed my hand when passing the iPhone. I took various poses they made and passed back the phone. 'What's your name he asked' John' ahhh your accent your not American, no im British, iv always wanted to visit London, one day he says, silence......then....are you 'Active or Passive', as Im passive with guys'? huh I stammer...he repeats the question...active or passive? active I reply....good, do you want to 'fuck me'..... yes my voice almost dry and broken....he turns to the girl......I am going with him now I will see you later, he stands up, I stand up, so where is your hotel, discovery....he walks on, and I join, we take the side parallel street to the hotel, just as we arrive he says, regalo for me, you pay me yes, how much I ask, how much am I worth, you really want me, he then placed his hand onto and then into my zipper, you want me a whole lot, he laughs, 1,600 pesos and if you enjoy my ass, a tip, but that's up to you!, we agreed terms, went into the hotel. Jose then said undress me, do what you want to me, take control of me. of course I did.....2 hrs later and he was passive & totally smooth, he left, telling me to be in the same place the next day, this was not possible, but we did meet 2 more times.

    Okay getting back to SD, the improvement in my eyes was amazing, not only did I see Jose, but a least 8 more super looking black guys, they don't hang about the usual place, they stay in the street around the fast food chicken outlet Rey Polo, and the parallel street. all were well groomed and phyne looking.

    By the way Jose was 21 I checked his ID
    2 other I met were 18 & 19.sexy as hell but Jose was a cut above

    The el conde has had a refurbishment near the hard Rock café, the el conde is the same but cleaner, the discovery was very comfortable. the malecon had many shoe shine boys, as we all know don't even talk with them, they never leave you alone, follow and annoy.
    Villina Hors restaurant has been refurbished and the food, service was great, the waiters were all Moreno models 18-25yrs, and all were available, some really sexy guys (down independencia Av), 20 yards from Duke of wellington hotel)

    If this has interested you, I can give some feed back on Sambia shopping Mall and other areas of the city.

    I will not be away 18 months again, I plan to return in Late January/February 2016
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    I truly enjoyed your most recent report about some of your experiences while you visited Santo Domingo. I am most interested in where you stayed? any cinemas? specific clubs or bars? restaurants? ...going fee? Do you speak any Espanol?

    After being in Santo Domino some ten years ago to date, I do hope to return, possibly sometime next year {2016}. I cannot speak Spanish, but I do plan to purchase an electronic translator to use when I'm in a country where English is not widely spoken. I think others of us would get what you would write in pvt. if you answered queries in this open forum. I thank you for sharing! :) :)
  3. HOT memory, thanks for sharing. Do you remember what was 1600 pesos in U$S? Probably not, as you are British, but I hope you do know.
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    1600 Dominican Pesos = US$35.50 today....wow!!
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  5. Wow twice! That's even better than the prices in Buenos Aires. We need to organize a field trip to RD, azdr!
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    Yes 1,600 pesos , it was about 35GBP, btw it was so good I did give a tip, I paid 2,000 pesos. I would love to be part of a group going, so if anyone plans, let me know, I personally plan for Late Jan/Feb 2016. the hotel was the discovery, gay friendly, visitors allowed with ID. I had no need to visit bars or clubs, the boys were about all day, so by the evening I was tired lol , I have been to phoenix (boys bar) JD, Aires and others before, but in those places you find the 'Professional' hustler. I prefer a little hunt on the El Conde, Malecon, or mall (Sambil) there is a good catchment area at the far left of the Malecon, the locals beach. looks a little rough, but that's were the local opportunist gay4pay go to bathe. they can be seen nearly nude swimming and relaxing under the palm trees, I always position my self on the stairs that lead down. everyone has to pass you. when they see a possible 'John' they pose for your attention, they give the eye contact and crotch squeezing. just make sure the ID is in order before making plans. there is one 'Hatian' shoe shine boy called 'Francois' he has ID, he is just 18 and knows his 'wood' is a magnet, 10 inches, thick. he like to sit on the malecon and rub himself, show a peak, then invite himself to take you to an economy room. 1,000 pesos is his charge. he doesn't do anything but allow you to do all the work. he goes to completion though. tight blu black smooth body, great smile, good skin. he now has a side kick he is training , Moreno, good looking but I never tried. Francois was enough to satisfy any daddy lol
    Spanish, I only know basic, am actually planning on staying 1 month to immerse myself as I actually want to learn the language, I will stay were im unknown possibly in P cana, as I want to have no regulars see me and divert my attention.
    Cinema, actually I have been only once, but didn't like it really, travelling alone you need to have some street smarts, in a cinema your anybody's target, and to be honest they were all too old for me. (past 25)
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  7. You are a well of knowledge, experience and wisdom, John. Thanks a lot for sharing. I am bilingual, and Spanish is my first language, so that is not a problem at all. About group traveling, I think it is a great idea, but I can only do it in December or in July.
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    by July I expect to have learnt to improve my Spanish. lets see who else is interested. I have friends there that can organize a few house parties with selected guest to entertain us.
    My main thing is to avoid the traditional hustlers, most are not my type, but trusting them is too hard, I like to find new talent, who will do an honest hours work for a honest reward.
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  9. We are on the same page there.
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    lol are you sure, be interesting to really find out if your really on my page.
  11. Check my profile and my postings in the thread on racial diversity, hot topic right now.
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    left a message to that racial thread.
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    Sounds hot! I love SD what hotel do you stay at? I stay at Adam Suites. I'm going back to SD in September and am looking for some new hotels.

    Also I've never been to Malecon but I saw a hotel near that big statue Fray Anton, is that where the guys go naked in the water? I had no clue guys bathed in the Malecon beach! Also do you think they would be willing to play on the beach for cash if you don't wanna invite them back to your hotel?
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    You should come in September when I go! :-(
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    Hey Johnsalako, Thanks for the great post. I've been toying with the idea of a trip to Santo Domingo and your post makes it an easy decision. It may be time for me to go!
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    Hotel discovery I stayed at last time, it was good there, normally its the Duke of weelington, but discovery from now on as its on the El Conde. Nude bathers, no nearly nude lol skimpy briefs, boxers....the beach is the only 1 in SD...located far left of the malecon towards the ferry/cruise ship terminal
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    Sorry to ask again but are the nude bathers near this statue?

    Or are you talking about the Playa Guiba beach?

    Also lastly did you see any hotels near this area of the nude bathers? (any that you might remember the name of) I want to stay at multiple hotels while in SD and would like one near this area for a few days.

    Thank you
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    There is only 1 beach in SD, the Malecon goes from left to right (facing the sea) the beach is located the far LEFT whilst looking towards the sea. you can not miss the cruise ferry port on the far left in SD, closest hotel is probably the Napoleon Hotel & Casino
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    to answer some private questions I have received.
    DR BOYS:ID is a must, the DR police will come down on you very strongly id your caught with a below 18 yr old. plus you don't want to get set-up in a sting. the beach pic is not one I have seen, so no, wrong place.
    stay at the napolianto as the beach is a 5 minute walk to the left when looking towards the sea.
    massage parlors, there are many but they advertise girls, you will have to go inside and tell them you want a male massage, they will get you one as they will make money by hosting you in their rooms. the massage parlors are a 1 minute walk from the duke of wellington hotel. exit the hotel turn to the left, walk 60 yds, you will see a local restaurant (villa h) turn immediate left walk down the road 20 yds, the massage parlors are on the left. there are more all over the city, but these are the easiest I can describe. François works as a shoe shine boy, he is 18, his working area is outside the duke de wellington and he sits on the wall opposite the restaurant (Villa H) he is usually in the company of a cute mallato boy (not sure of age as no ID, so don't try him) the mallato will try to tempt you.
    all hotels require ID its for your protection and the boys wont be tempted to steal from you as their ID is held until they leave. If you pick up someone you can go to a 1 hiur pay room, all over SD especially near China Town and the main local bus terminals. they may not ask for ID, in the past they have not asked me, they take your 1o dollars and give you a room. but even then make sure the boy is 18. the DR is very strict on this, don't be tempted. many 18yr olds look younger anyway if that's what you want.
    Beach pic ups- yes possible if your discreet, no action on the beach its too open and people can see you.
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  20. @Johnsalako ,
    Hey John! Happy new year! I was wondering how your plans to visit DR are going.