120 Gay Themed Movies

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    Thank you JJkrkwood, that's awesome.

    I have never seen My Beautiful Laundrette. Should I turn in my gay card for that?
    I must see it, right?

    Glad to see so many relatively obscure movies recognized. Children of God, North Sea Texas and so many others are great movies.
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    It should keep you movie-holics busy for 120 days....:p
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    Brokeback Mountain..Too painful to watch more than once.
    The BirdCage... Never get tired of watching

    "The Talented Mr. Ripley" wasn't listed...It was a wonderful film.
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    From this movie I learned that in England "bathe" means "swim".
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    Yet, I think they really meant it as a way to rinse off and freshen up, because his mother reminded he ought to bathe in the house like civilized people.
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    Leaving Metropolis

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    I watched Brokeback Mountain again (actually a couple of times) and saw how incredibly wonderful it is. Like everything else you see more and more every time. There are flaws for sure but Ledger's performance is really gut wrenching. Unfortunately, it makes you wish that they had cast someone else in the other part. I'm not sure if it was the actor or if it is the fact that the character itself is shallower in the way it is written and you take what you are given. At any rate, it is such a great portrayal of the loss of love and the bad decisions we can make that impact us more deeply than we ever think they will.
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    Yes it was a wonderful film, but for me it was too painful to watch.

    The final scene really affected me...

    Scene inside trailer:

    (ENNIS puts his hat back on a hanger on the wall, shuffling across the floor. He notices ALMA JR.'s sweater on the bed, picks it up, folds it. He pulls open the door of a closet and puts the sweater on a shelf. The two shirts are on a hanger held by a nail on the inside of the door, now reversed from how JACK left them -- ENNIS's shirt is on the outside, JACK's on the inside. A postcard of Brokeback Mountain is tacked up just above the shirts, and it's tilted to one side. JACK snaps a button on JACK's shirt, touching it carefully. He straightens the postcard with a finger. He looks at both with tears in his eyes.)

    ENNIS Jack, I swear.

    (ENNIS swings the door shut and moves offscreen to the left. We can see out the trailer's window: a road outside cuts across the bottom of the window, with a green field behind it, a yellow field further out, and then a flat horizon, no mountain visible.)

    Fade out.
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    For some reason the first clip you list does not come through but the other moment I remember that really touched me is when Ennis goes to visit Jack's parents. He is horribly treated by Jack's father who I am sure does not like the fact that the man who has led his son down the path to sin has had the nerve to visit Jack's parents. Then he goes upstairs and looks over Jack's room and finds the shirts. Then he goes back downstairs and walk's out of the door to the parent's home. He goes a few steps and Jack's mother touches him and in a hushed tone asks him to visit again, obviously recognizing that Ennis and Jack had been in a relationship. She obviously knows how much pain he is in. So sad.
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    That scene in the kitchen stays with me always, the two grieving parents and their individual reaction to Ennis. What Ang Lee did with that scene in that sparse kitchen was remarkable.
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    FLEEING BY NIGHT, dir. Li-Kong Hsu (2000, Taiwan)


    A gay movie with a sad ending that stays with me years after I've forgotten most of what the movie was about, the idea of life long regret over the lost chance at love, and still dreaming of running after someone chased away decades ago.

    Some critics weren't too kind, but I chalk that up to straight (or closeted), white male critics trying to figure out another culture, another way of sexuality, and Asian cinema.

    Oh, and this one. Holy crap. I still get choked up just thinking about it.

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