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Discussion in 'The Deli' started by Billsboy4, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. Billsboy4

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  2. GBoi

    GBoi Master

    Never hired him but met him at the Nob Hill when he was in town performing. Very friendly, charismatic, and smoking hot!
  3. builder boy

    builder boy Master

    Stood me up in Chicago for what it's worth.
  4. blackriver

    blackriver Apprentice

    Same here when he was in DC.
  5. dutchal

    dutchal Viscount

    Hired him in NYC a couple of months ago. Was great fun.
  6. Mike Monkevicz

    Mike Monkevicz Journeyman

    Never have but everyone I know who has says he is fun!
  7. builder boy

    builder boy Master

    If he shows up.
  8. Billsboy4

    Billsboy4 Knight

    Met Johnny today and had a great time. Besides being hotter than his pics, he's a very nice guy to talk to and play with. Definitely recommend.
  9. g56whiz

    g56whiz Viscount

    He's reportedly appearing at Adonis LA tonight.
  10. goosh69

    goosh69 Knight

    But wait...isn't he one who won't see black (and I think Asian) guys?
  11. CatnameFelix

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