If you are going to be in New Orleans this weekend for Gay Southern Decadence, and you like strip clubs, then I highly recommend The Corner Pocket Club in the French Quarter located on Burgundy Street about at the Toulouse St intersection (just past the Raw Hide and The 700 Club gay bar, also on Burgundy Street. They have 20-25 young guys take turns "dancing" (more walking around, etc) on top of the oval bar. This is very similar to what I remember from 2002 during the Christmas holidays at The Bourbon Street Pub bar in Key West. The "dancers" don't strip because they come out with just underwear on and shoes. When not on the bar (usually 3-5 on the bar at the same time), the go-go guys/strippers walk around the bar seeking attention and tips. There is no curtained or separate private lap dance area, but there is an area at the back of the bar with a pool table and dancers and patrons go back there. I've had some really hot lap dances back there, where I was oblivious to the rest of who was around me back in the back. Also while the guys are obtaining your attention while you are sitting at the bar or standing in the room, they will show all and you can touch all.

The Club Oz on Bourbon Street has a similar program of go-go guys stripped to their underwear and during Southern Decadence so does Good Friends Bar and other gay bars.

I was at Southern Decadence about 5 years ago and had a blast. But all the bars are really crowded. For Southern Decadence the dancers start at 3pm and finish between 3am and 5-6 am, depending if there are still enough patrons in the bar. The Corner Pocket opens Sunday at 3pm, right after the Southern Decadence parade is finished and will fill up quickly, especially the bar seats around the oval bar.

At The Corner Pocket there are a range of dancers, some there every week, there is an underwear contest several times during a normal weekend, in which newbies try out.

I have been to New Orleans three times in the last month and had a blast! Not only fun with the various gay bars, shopping, dining, but especially hanging out at The Corner Pocket. All the male strippers/go-go boys, will arrange "private dances" at your hotel or at the nearby bathhouse (located only a couple of blocks away from The Corner Pocket.

There are two stand-out dancers that are my favorites there:
(1) Talan- local cajun guy about 25, very handsome, masculine and sweet and he alone is worth making a trip to New Orleans to see perform. He does the most dancing of any of the other go-go boys on the bar and gives a great lap dance and is all so-friendly. He is also very easy talk, very intelligent on a range of subjects and has a lot of experience dancing in West Hollywood venues, a couple of years back when he lived there.

(2) Jonathon (spelled with an "o") is the other stand-out there for me. First of all what caught my attention is that he is a dead-ringer in his looks, body type, smile, dancing style on the bar and general features for the former male stripper and Gaiety Theatre star from 2001 to 2004, Ben Versace ("Mr. Gaiety 2003" winner on this forum's vote count). Anyone that knows me from this site, would appreciate, that this physical close similarity would catch my attention, big time. Jonathon is very friendly and usually wears G-strings instead of underwear, like the other dancers. Jonathon is 25 years old, gives a great lap dance and likes to passionately kiss with appreciative admirers, even in the bar.

Many other dancer body types there, but these have been my favorites on my recent trips to NOLA.

So if you are in NOLA for Southern Decadence, and you like going to strip clubs, try The Corner Pocket. You'll have a good time. Though, unfortunately in New Orleans, smoking in bars is allowed, so that can be irritating for the eyes and sinuses.

If anyone is planning to be in New Orleans at the end of September 2013 (Sept 27 to 30th), I will be there that weekend for my 60th birthday. I celebrated my 50th birthday in NYC by visiting the former Gaiety Theatre, and Stellas hustler bar and staying at the W Hotel at Times Square. Also Cooper, Lucky and several other long-time members of this forum were gracious, in helping me celebrate my birthday that weekend at Stellas and the Gaiety.

John Pela