I find it interesing when reviewers indicate an escort does not smoke and then the prominent picture of him has him holding a cigarette such as one today. I am willing to suppose that the escort did not smoke during the session. Another review of the same escort says he smokes "lightly".

Everyone is free to choose their own lifestyle and smoking or not is one of those choices. However, for those who are "bothered" by interacting with anyone who smokes (and I am one such person), it does not seem to matter whether the escort refrains from smoking the day before and the day of a meeting or not. They still at least smell and taste of smoke, if not reek.

I suppose the bottom line (no pun) is if the escort can freely choose to smoke then a client can freely choose to not engage him. I appreciate each and every factual account regarding this issue. In other words, a report of whether the escort smokes or not.

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