Rick (doitb4yougo) posted a photo of Tristan in one of his GREAT collections the other day, generating a bit of discussion. Since there was some interest, I took a look through my collection and rounded up a few pics of Tristan.

He is a straight guy who has done a bunch of scenes for the online NextDoor Studios. Mostly JO scenes, but a few where he gets serviced, and some straight scenes. Most of the pics violate at least one of the guidelines here, but here's a sampling of Tristan's pics for you.

I've put the still photos I have into a zip file for anyone who wants to see more: http://rapidshare.com/files/40697306...5Pics.zip.html

Fair warning - one of the sets in the zip is a straight scene, which is marked as such.

I hope no one minds that I went a little overboard with this "sampling"...